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Cruising the NC Intracoastal

June 7, 2015
Captains log    Thursday June 5th.   Day 13I have Gung-Ho clients who were ready to shove off at 6:15am. It was nice to get an early start, we ended up with 95 miles in 11 hours, not bad. The big event of the day was when we pulled over to meet my new clients that just booked the last leg coming back last week from Boston to around New Bern, NC. That is where my new clients will board going back to Florida. They live on the Intracoastal at mile marker 87, how cool is that. They came out on the 18′ boat and got to see the Miami Mermaid, Wilma & my clients. At the same time they saved 49 cents postage, they hand delivered my confirmation letter and deposit. I saved $3.10 postage for hand delivering my book, “The ABC’s of Trawler Buying,” so we all made out except for the USPO.

Sea U
Captain Bob
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Fair winds!