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Thanks, Capt. Know-It-All

10-22-2018. 10-26-2018

Captain Bob

We had a great time, your detailed classes educated us on all aspects of trawlering.
You brought excitement & zest to your classroom. Leaving us alone for our hands on training let us bond and learn how to run a trawler with full confidence. We’d like to thank Captain Know- It-All (Chart Plotter) it did in fact have all the answers when we were alone on the bridge.
Your food was in a class of its own, thank you so much Captain Bob.

Susan & Donny
Dartmouth Ma

Great Balance of Instruction & Enjoyment

2-18 — 2-22- 2016

Dear Captain Bob,

What a great trawler adventure! We came to you to experience the trawler lifestyle. Honestly, I think Rick just wanted to be sure I could handle life on the water. We both came away with a more expansive knowledge of how to proceed with our dream of owning a trawler, with a better sense of confidence in operating any boat.

The trip you provided gives a great balance of instruction and enjoyment allowing us time to learn and also to experience hidden hideaways (anchorage) that would never have found on our own.

We feel honored to have spent your 61st birthday cruising with you even though you cooked a wonderful meal for us. We leave this fish joke with you.

What is a sharks favorite Bible story????
Noah’s Sharks.

Thanks for everything!
Rick & Jennifer E.
Pell City, AL

It All Came Together

Captain Bob,

All our research, all our books, & all the what if’s really came together on our 3 day 4 night trawler training course with you. Your knowledge of operating underway, rules of the road, diesel engine class, electrical class, docking, and most of all how to find and buy the right trawler to fit our needs. Your class on contracts, surveys, insurance- this alone will save us lots of time and money. Trawler School Charters was just outstanding. Our next step is to charter on our own before buying our own trawler.

We also learned  two dozen fish jokes for the grandchildren. We would recommend anyone interested in trawlers to take your hands-on training course. This was a wonderful experience! We now have the confidence of running a big boat.

Captain Bob was an excellent host, cook and gave us plenty of space … Accomplishments and your graduation party was fun. Once again, thank you!

Jim & Nancy B
Concord, NH

Overcoming a Blown Head Gasket – Twice!

2-13-14     Thru      2-15-14

Although a short trip, these 2 & 1/2 days were indeed memorable! With 40 years of sailboat experience, Gerri and I came with what we thought was a lot of knowledge. Captain Bob, you showed us a new world of Power – not just powerboats but your own personal power of intelligence and strength. We had a great tour of south Florida, seeing many things from the water for the first time. We had a great introduction to the world of “Stink Pots” and Trawlers. Overcoming a blown head gasket – twice – was awesome!!  Serving great meals was as well. Best of all was your own personality as you entertained us with your “Trawler Smarts”, your jokes and laughter.

As we were stuck in Hurricane Harbor with a blown head gasket, I couldn’t believe your troubleshooting skills and your personal strength to actually turn over that big engine and get it started!!!  Then at Sunset Marina, you did it again and you got us back to the Marina – AMAZING!!  Beyond the trip, your insights into trawler life and boat purchasing were well worth the price of admission!

All the best to the best,
Gerri & Ken
Potomac MD

We Learned, We Laughed, and Now and Then We Cowered (and other highlights from 2006 – 2007)

Dennis & Jennifer

12/05/05 – 12/10/05

We had a great time! The charming personality and good looks of our captain will be remembered until infinity! I learned more about GPS this week than 15 years with my boat! Thanks to Capt. Bob we will charter with confidence!

Bernard & Cecile


Learned a lot on this 4 day trip. Will feel more confident when hubby will decide to charter a trawler on our next vacation! Relaxing, taking our mind off of difficult issues. Doing team work! Thanks Captain Bob.

Susan & Ed

We actually felt we can drive a trawler and plan to go shopping for one soon! Capt. Bob is terrific and we had a blast! Even learned a few cooking pointers, not to mention fish jokes and funny dances. What a terrific adventure!!

Bob & June

January 2006

While switching gas tanks Capt. Bob was nearly eaten by the engine! His prized shirt from Christmas was destroyed- not fun! Lobstering along the banks at Boca Chita – got 2! Ed was fondly known as “Capt. Coco” as he drank coco for breakfast; Susan known as “Sunshine” we actually feel we can drive a trawler and plan to go shopping for one soon. Capt. Bob is terrific, and we have had a blast, even learned a few cooking pointers not to mention fish jokes and funky dance. What a terrific adventure!

Susan & Ed, Charleston, SC

2/4/06 – 2/8/06

Hurricane harbor, very calm. Superbowl party at the Caribbean Club, the locals are wonderful! The food was great too! Boca Chita Key – what a fantastic place, the water was so clear and Capt. Bob fishing, swimming, and looking for lobsters right next to the sign. So many fish jokes. Bob woke up trying to think of more! Don’t ask questions that might get ahead of Capt. Bob, you could get demerits. Capt Bob … we need a trawler NOW!! We loved this! Capt. Bob – you totally ROCK!

2/ 13 – 2/18/2006

We learned, we laughed, and now and then we cowered – “what do you mean you don’t know? Pay attention! You’re not making efficient use of your platter! We won’t soon forget our mistakes. Capt. Bob is a great teacher, albeit unconventional. The Mermaid, the scenery, the fod, cocktail hour, what a ball we had! Good job and thanks, Captain Bob!

Joseph & Anne, Massachusetts


Capt. Bob’s knowledge- he’ll save us bucks when we come to buy a trawler. A  great day of learning from a knowledgeable guy!

John & rose


Every day, every anchorage was a new experience. Capt. Bob does a nice job of filling every day with meaningful “but fun!” events. All the local stops with good local food, shopping & views. Captain Bob delivered on his commitment. He made us believe that we really can have “the great life” – the easy, simple way. Thanks to Capt. Bob, a year from now Judy can also say she is retired and living aboard with her mate! We think that Capt. Bob could start a whole new fashion trend with his shorts!

Dick & Judy


Events to remember: Capt. Bob parting the sea and calming the waves! The walking on water trick was kind of coold too. Dinners at Capt. Bob’s world famous restaurants all the way to the Keys & back. Capt. Bob, you are one of a kind … you will always be our captain! Thank you for a wonderful time! You guys are great!

Capt. Back Packer and Sandi Storm


Boating can be as simple as it sounds – it just takes caution and common sense. And there is such a thing as the “perfect storm” and if you look for things long enough you will find them. We will remember mosquitoes at Boca Chita, grouper sandwiches, snorkeling on the reef, happy hour at the Marriott, topped off by a midnight swim and the longest 10 second storm of our lives. It was so exhilarating. In short, the most action packed 5 days ever – thanks Capt. Bob!

Gail & Gabe – Toronto, Canada

5/1 – 5/5/2006

As sailors, we’ve learned you can “keep it simple” and have a wonderful time. Following Capt. Bob’s sage advice, the KISS rule, common sense and a GPS make cruising on a trawler nirvana. His knowledge and experience will be put to good use as wel sell our 31’ Irwin and buy our 36’ – 40’ trawler. Thanks Capt. Bob for a great 4 days.

Mike & Kathy, San Antonio, TX

5/24 – 5/27/2006

Swimming! Greek restaurant! Dolphins singing Happy Birthday! Capt. Bob’s birthday cake with candle! Sunset! Waking up! Receiving certificate! Wow, such fun, learned a lot … we even know what boat is our next step … Capt. Bob, what can we say? Great cook, unorthodox but perfect teacher, funny & fun. Thank you for a great & true adventure!

Dennis & Terri Ann, Napa Valley, CA


Perfect in every way except Thursday (rain). The wittiness of Capt. Bob always a laugh. We learned a lot from him. The salads and dinner were delicious. First night the beautiful lightning off Miami, and everything along the way, coming and going. Bob gives real good advice and suggestions regarding Trawlers. It’s good to talk to someone who knows his business.

Clarence & Rita

8/22 – 8/26/2006

Capt. Bob is unconventional and somewhat unorthodox, cuts out the fluff and gets right to the meat of things. “Bad to the bone.” Great advice on buying a boat to suit our needs and selling our boat.

Vicky & Brian


Capt. Bob, wow, what can we say? A pirate, a cook, the master of ceremonies, a runner, a renegade, a financial advisor, a caring man, but above all- a captain extraordinaire!!!

Regarding the Trawler School Charters classes- they were presented in a simplistic, yet complete manner. The information about trawlers or trawlering will set us up to now feel confident to choose and commandeer our own trawler. Capt. Bob was informed about all types of trawlers and when we told him the boat we were looking at- he saved us $50 – 60,000 when we negotiate. Oh and lest I forget a new record on the Miami Mermaid, 7 bottles of wine in 1 evening.

Linda & Larry, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Absolutely 4 perfect days fun in the sun and learned how to drive a trawler. Perfect Capt. Fabulous experience. Would highly recommend.

Miranda, Goldsboro, NC


Captain Bob is a no nonsense instructor intent on teaching us what we need to know, and in the simplest manner. How to operate, maintain, and purchase a trawler.

His demeanor is that of a high seas pirate and we told him so, he seemed surprised that we had discovered something , and then he revealed the most wonderous, fascinating adventure from his past. I’ll let him tell his future charter clients or maybe he’ll just wait for you to notice you’re with a pirate. Capt. Bob promised to teach us everything about trawlers and he did that. Thank you Capt. Bob, we got our money’s worth. The food alone may have been worth it or maybe our favorite anchorage, No Name Harbor. We’ll cherish our memories of Pirate Bob and our high seas adventure. God Bless!

Margarita & Ken, Ohio

11/5 – 11/9/2006

Everything was an event and memorable with our unique and unforgettable Capt. Bob! We’ll be trawlering now with confidence thanks to Capt. Bob!!

Marianne & Dick, Falls Church, VA

11/10 – 11/11/2006

Capt. Bob, thank you for a great learning experience and fun too. It’s going to help a lot in looking for our boat.

Bud & Carol, Bradenton, FL

12/18 – 12/21/2006

Places to remember: Boca Chita Key- gorgeous! Marine Stadium at night with Miami’s lights.

Thanks Capt. Bob, for an unforgettable experience aboard the Miami Mermaid! I (Beth) appreciated the simplicity of your instructions. We had a memorable experience!!

Bart & Beth, Granville, Ohio

January 2007

Capt. Bob, thank you for taking some of my fear of the water away. You have been very sensitive to our needs. You have been very sensitive to our needs. Your variety of dinner with the touch of candles every night added a lot to the ambiance. Your laughs made us feel at home. Figure 8 I will never forget, and your eagerness to teach us everything you can made you a very special man. What else can I say? Great dancer, great chef, very clean, funny, and real human being. I’ll miss the bag lady, so sure of herself. You made Leah smile and enjoy herself – wow!

Leah & Chuck, Tucson, AZ

1/25 – 1/28/2007

Two sailors contemplating treason – buying a trawler, rather than a sailboat – yikes!

Fun birthday trip! We felt we were in capable hands. Loved the Garmin- I do have navigating confidence now. Thanks!

Paul & Lisa

2/12 – 2/15/2007

The most important thing I (Betty) learned “We’ve gotta have a cabin boy!” Doug: “Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice.” Time spent on the water is not deducted from one’s lifespan.

Betty & Doug

3/19 – 3/22/2007

What a hoot! We actually learned something (a lot) and enjoyed every moment. Even changing oil was fun (as fun as that can be). Thanks to the great Galley Wench/Cabin Boy/Capt. Bob now we know we are not crazy for wanting a trawler and we really did learn a lot from you.

Mark & Genifer

5/21 – 5/24/2007

We are trying to decide whether to become “trawlers” so this was a great help. Under Capt. Bob’s guidance we feel confident to now charter a trawler. Keeping it simple – we learned a tremendous amount.

Susan & Carolyn, Lexington, KY