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Sample of what a 3-DAY / 4-NIGHT package looks like.


Location - Our location is also convenient: 10 mins. from the Ft.Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport. You are about a $20 taxi fare away, so there is no need to rent a car.

BOARDING - 3:00 PM (Stowaway Night)

Shipmates can stowaway the night before. This is your chance to get an early start on a class or two, candlelight dinner, and time to cast off on your cruise, as we will spend stowaway night on the hook at a very beautiful, mysterious cove. Enjoy the romantic moonlight while searching for your lucky star. It shall be a beautiful start on a cruise long to be remembered, so bring your camera!


Breakfast is served, then class time. I shall teach you and your guest what you'll need to know. Then you become the captain and your guest will become your navigator, cruising down the intracoastal . Both of you will be at the helm from this point on and it will be your charter. You will bring the Miami Mermaid down and back. What a wonderful view: 2 hours to Miami, then into Biscayne Bay, an expansive and protected body of water that encompasses the beginning of the Florida Keys. The protected waters of Biscayne Bay are an ideal, natural environment for either a beginner or a seasoned yachtsman to learn the ins and outs of trawler handling.

Hands on training is the only way to learn navigation & chart reading, GPS/Chartplotting, using the autopilot, how to locate anchorages and marinas so you can learn to chart your own cruise on your own.

If you have never handled a boat or have limited experience, then this portion alone will build both your confidence level to the point where you will be able to charter a boat on your own anywhere, anytime, and be able to plot your next cruise together right at home. So if this is what you're looking for, then all that is needed is a 2, 3 or 4 day cruise to learn the above skills. That is all there is to it!


It's time to kick off our sandals and relax. We'll be staying on a island that is just about private and seems like paradise as you watch the tropical sunset. Cocktail hour, home cooked meals, and soft music. Good morning class time and then the bad news, time to leave paradise- but don't worry there is much more to come... 

We have a 27" flat screen TV with Surround Sound and over 100 of your favorite DVD's to choose from. There is always something to do, it just depends on what you're in the mood for.


Let's hoist the anchor and enjoy a sunrise breakfast. After breakfast you will experience another day of cruising, but this is a real treat. There are all types of twists and turns as we now go gunkholing from anchorage to anchorage, making way cruising down through a string of beautiful, small Florida islands. You are now learning how to find anchorages so you'll have this know how when you're ready to go cruising. We will show you how to plan your trips. This is part of what trawler school is all about.


After hitting all those anchorages, there might be night maneuvers, weather permitting, and on the hook for the night with a view never to be forgotten!

Sunrise breakfast. We shall start planning and plotting a course to our home port with a few fun and different surprise excursions that will make this trip a memorable one.


As long as all conditions are favorable, I shall accommodate you at the helm and we shall cruise night maneuvers together - it will be fun and exciting!

LAST MORNING - Check out time 11:00
Rise and shine!  All good things must come to an end. It's time for the Captain's farewells. The vessel is all yours until 11:00 am.