7 Most Common Types of Motorboats – Why Trawlers Come Out On Top

If you are a person that loves being on the water, you have two choices: continue to rent expensive charter boats for day long pleasure cruises, or make the decision to invest in a boat of your very own. Clearly, the decision to buy your own boat is a big one, but over time you […]

Why Purchase a Trawler

With so many boats and yachts available for purchase on the market, you may be wondering why you should select a trawler for your recreational pleasures. Known as cruising trawlers these vessels are perfect for couples long rang cruising. Trawler school charters is an excellent place to  start your learning process.

Top 3 Trawler Buying Mistakes to Avoid

At Trawler School Charters, we’ve witnessed new trawler owners moving on to establish a remarkable resume of cruising experience. While all people succumb to the philosophy of lifelong learning through experience, some lessons are more important than others. Whether you’re purchasing your first trawler or are buying your third, it’s important to understand the most […]

Understanding the Most Common Nautical Terms and Phrases

Recreational sailing in a trawler is one of the most relaxing and rewarding experiences that anyone can enjoy on the water. If you haven’t spent much time in the water or didn’t grow up in an environment where cruising was integrated into your everyday life, some of the most common nautical terms and phrases can […]