Displacement Hull and Semi-Displacement Hull

Blue Water Cruising Displacement hulls are well suited for rough, offshore seas and ocean crossings. Because of their design, these hulls can carry large payloads of fuel and water, which make them ideal for long range cruising. Passage makers use the low power demands of displacement hulls to their advantage. Little driving force is needed […]

Advantages of Owning a Trawler

Naturally aspirated diesel engines produce anywhere between 10,000-20,000 hours of use. There is no strain on the engine and it requires low maintenance and repair. If well maintained, these engines literally run forever. Turbo charged engines are found on faster trawlers.

What is a Trawler?

Pleasure trawlers should never be confused with the commercial fishing trawlers. A trawler in general means: Any pleasure craft more than 25’ in length that does not carry sufficient horsepower to lift itself out of the water and plane. Practically all trawlers are designed with long, deep keels. These boats are popular for cruising 7-8 […]