Fuel Contamination and Owning a Trawler Boat – What You Should Know

After reading an article single vs twin a couple decades ago it predicted that 90% of all engine breakdowns are due to fuel contamination. Wow, that got my attention, Owning Trawler School Charters equipped with a single engine was going to be a problem, so I thought. If ever read an article that got to me it was that […]

Single vs Twin Trawler Engine – The Great Debate!

This article will be my hardest to write, it is so controversial. It causes people to boil over into a heated debate on which is the better set up Single or twin!  In the matter of fact I refused to write about it in the book I wrote The ABC’s of Trawler Buying, that was seven years ago. […]

Understanding Your Trawler Diesel Engine

Trawler School Charters – This blog is about understanding your Diesel engine. Diesel engines can deliver many years of trouble free service given proper preventive maintenance procedures. Fortunately, diesel engines are remarkably simple in principle and require very little in the way of routine maintenance, although what little is required it is essential for it’s long life. […]

Turbo Charged or Naturally Aspirated Diesel Engine – Trawler School Charters

In this latest post on the Trawler School Charters Blog we are talking about Engines.  There is a difference when choosing a Diesel engine, they are either turbo charged or naturally aspirated. A naturally aspirated engine for example is a small block that could be a 120HP or 135HP (Horse Power), this engine has no stress, it just plows slowly through […]