The Closing Chapter – Essential Cruising Gear

In closing, I’d like to share the books, charts, and electronics used on this trip. Everything you are about to see is taught in my Trawler School. I used MapTech Chartkits, there were 7 to get to Boston. You are looking at about $500 for all of them. They are a must, even if you […]

Boston: Home Sweet Home!

Captain’s log  Monday June 20th 2015   “Home Sweet Home” Captain Bob, Wilma, and The Miami Mermaid completed the 20 day 1,700 mile Intercoastal Waterway trip! I would like to thank the Mermaid for the strength she demonstrated underway. She is pretty old, but has the will and strength culminating in an amazing 18,000 plus […]

50 Miles to Go

Captain’s log    Day 19   Saturday June 13th 2015 Found a wonderful anchorage right off Newport Inlet. Fisher Island, 9 miles long, I hid in the cove for the night. 10 hour day 80 miles. My friends were supposed to meet me in Newport, RI, but that did not happen. This is the last thing I […]

New York, New York

Captain’s log     Day 18 Thursday June 11th Sorry I’m so late writing my log, but I left this morning at 6:30 and anchored at 4:30. 10 hours and 80 miles, I was almost falling asleep at the helm. I needed a well deserved Captain’s nap. Good thing Wilma (my woman over board drill blow-up […]

Hit the Big Time in Jersey

Captains Log    Wednesday June 10th  Day 17 Jeff, the man that picked me up hitch hiking (I gave him the $5.00 lotto ticket to win $10,000), he called me and is sending me half $5,000. How lucky can one man be! Yahoo! Shore call started at 3:00 to 7:30. We dinghy in, did laundry and […]

Nice People, Delaware Bay, and NJ!

Captains log    Day 16 – Tuesday June 9th Very funny story: we dinghy in to buy some wine, unfortunately it was a mile away. My clients and I decided to walk down and taxi back with the much needed supplies. We had all our wine on the counter and bought it, only to find […]

Chesapeake Bay Musings

Captain’s log day 15 June 8th Saturday As I see it, it takes 1 mile to begin a 1,700 mile journey. Southern Atlantic waterway to the shores of the Northern Atlantic waterway, region by region, state by state, city by city & wave by wave, “I shall return” to my home city of Boston Strong. I […]

Rose Buddies, Dismal Swamp, and Tall Ships on the Chesapeake

Ready to roll at 6:00 am but consumed in heavy fog must wait it out a little. Off by 7:00am covered 95 miles in 11 hours hit a little port that has a great reputation for being the friendliest port of call in the US. Let me tell you about Elizabeth City, otherwise called The […]

Cruising the NC Intracoastal

Captains log    Thursday June 5th.   Day 13I have Gung-Ho clients who were ready to shove off at 6:15am. It was nice to get an early start, we ended up with 95 miles in 11 hours, not bad. The big event of the day was when we pulled over to meet my new clients that just booked […]

Camp LeJeune Highlight

Captain’s log      Day 12 June 3rd Woke up at 3:30am, looked on my IPad at my Radar Scope app and the screen was full of green, yellow & red. That, my friends, that is not good. Tons of rain and nowhere to hide. Tropical storms in the region for the rest of that […]