1. Buying a Trawler
Thinking of buying a trawler? The Captain will steer you on the right course. We wrote the “ABC’s of Trawler Buying Guide,” and we will explain how to pick out the right make, model, size, learn the buying process and keen negotiations. We will teach you how to save thousands of dollars and get the biggest bang for the buck. Buying a trawler new or used is a very big decision and a very large investment. The captain will teach you the in’s & out’s. Oh yes, and let’s not forget about the resale value on your investment.

2. Is A Trawler For US?
A golden opportunity for you and your partner to experience cruising and staying aboard a trawler together before making any costly decisions.

3. Hands-on Experience
There is no better substitute than taking full command of the helm. The Captain teaches you what you need to know and then the helm is all yours. The Miami Mermaid is turned over to you and your partner – you’re the Captain for the rest of the cruise.The Captain has a unique way of training, he likes to stay out of your way, and is there if something should arise. He is the mechanic, cook and cabin boy at this point. I’m confident you will handle her well and you will learn a lot more without me by your side throughout the trip. This is your chance to step up and be the Captain of your own trawler.

4. How long of a charter will we need? What will we accomplish?
Anywhere from a 2 day 3 night or 3 day 4 night cruise. That is all you need. The Captain guarantees during your cruise that you would have all the knowledge and confidence to be able to plot and plan your own bareboat charter or navigate your own trawler and bring her back to port yourself. The bottom line is you will be able to handle a trawler “anywhere and anytime.”

5. Private Charters for Two
All attention is focused on you and your partner. All your questions will be answered and all your problems solved. This is your next step towards buying a trawler.

6. Certificate
You are awarded a “Certificate of Completion.” This can be used for boat insurance discounts, also proof of experience for a bare-boat chartering company and added days for your USCG Captain License if you choose to apply for one.

7. Rates
“All inclusive – no hidden cost.” **Our slogan is “One Trip – One Rate* All the Captain expects is hearing what a good time you folks had.

8. Impeccable Service
This is one of your best features. Everything is top-notch from soup to nuts along with impeccable service. Captain Bob’s home is your home. Welcome aboard!