Trawler School: A Lesson on Oil Changes

What time is it? It is time for our 100 hour oil change. If you do this religiously you’ll be happy, and your engine & generator will be happier. There is no better way to extend the life of your engine or even double it. 100 hours my friend, every 100 hours. While you’re at […]

Boston Harbor Summer School – Trawler School Charters

NEW LOCATION TRAWLER SCHOOL BOSTON HARBOR SUMMER SCHOOL – JULY 1st — SEPT 30th Our slogan is a “Education with a Vacation” and for Trawler School’s 10th year anniversary we want to do something very special. We are bringing Trawler School to a northeast location for the historic beauty of downtown Boston Harbor and the Outer Islands. […]

Choose the Right Trawler the First Time

OH NO! Almost bought the WRONG TRAWLER Hi, I’m Captain Bob with Trawler School Charters. I’d like to share a couple stories I experienced with some previous charter clients. I recently had one couple that was ready to buy Sundeck trawler one week before attending trawler school. I advised them to wait until they completed […]

Trawler Charters Empower Buyers with Experience

Chartering article in Passagemaker Channels, posted on Oct. 21st 2014 By Peter & Sharon Boothroyd “In 2010 we took our initial training with Trawler School Charters out of Dania Beach, Florida. We were neophytes from the Canadian Midwest with zero experience in large boats. We needed the training and experience before charterboat companies would allow […]

Boston Strong (Silent Hero)

My Boston Vacation It’s been a long time since I’ve been home to visit friends and family. If you are reading this, then you are one of those special persons in my life. I’d like to thank you for your friendship and hospitality. I would also like to share a story of two of my […]

Series or Parallel Battery Banks on a Trawler

My battery house bank on the Miami Mermaid consists of eight 6 volt Trojan T 105 deep-cell golf cart batteries, each with 225 amp hours. They are small and light and carry large amp hours. They cost about $120.00 each, and I feel like I’m receiving the best bang for my buck. They are hooked […]

SOS! Phone Overboard – Water Proofing Your Cell Phone & IPad

SOS, oh no phone overboard! Sound familiar? Owning a cell phone or iPad around water could become very expensive, and a major impact to your bank account. Learn from many other victims’ mistakes. I will give you a few ideas how to combat against rain, phone over board, dust & shock proofing; water proofing your […]

Choosing the right Trawler School

Trawler School Charters is one of the first trawler schools where you can experience living aboard for 3 days, 4 nights while learning all about ​operating​ and buying a trawler. This is our ninth year in business and we are still going strong. Hundreds of clients have graduated to become a Trawler Scholar and went on to fulfill their trawler […]

Anchors and Anchoring 101

This article is just a quick view on anchoring and anchors, this should point you in the right direction and what questions you may want to ask anchor manufacturers before you buy. I would highly recommend you always buy an anchor larger than the footage requires. I own a 40′ trawler sundeck and it takes on […]

Electrical Boat System

There are two systems, the 110 volt and 12 volt. They work in combination to power up your boat. There are 4 ways to get power, let’s keep it simple and go through them. First is your shore power, this is the electrical box from your dock, just connect the shore cord, one 50 amp or two 39 amp […]