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Nothing can make me feel better
I want to thank all of the fine people that I have met who booked trawler charters with us as a result of visiting our web site and responding to our e-mails. The results, and the friendships, are most gratifying.

Life aboard a trawler in south Florida is about as good as it can get, but when people charter and travel with us and have a good time and write back to tell us — well, nothing makes me feel better.


Out of this World!
You are both fun and entertaining guy to be around, not to mention the terrific learning experience. Being from Roswell I first learned …

Woman Overboard!
Thank you for making our trawler life straightforward & understandable. We have a 22′ Sea Ray and looking to go into a trawler in about …

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We own a 33’ cruiser Inc and would like to buy a trawler. Trawler School was our ticket for a chance to try a trawler out & at the same time receive the correct training in seamanship and navigation. We cannot begin to tell you how Captain Bob makes learning a pleasure. It is so simple and up front we learned more in 3 days than 4 years cruising on our power boat. By the way, we are selling ASAP and going into a trawler that only burns 3 gals an hour. With the price of fuel now a days we are like most people and staying at the dock.

This was not only educational but for the first time we bonded on the fly bridge and Captain Bob helped us work as a team, navigating from one beautiful anchorage to another & on our own! The captain’s home made cooking with candle lite dinners every night & soft music was so romantic. It was like a 2ND honeymoon. All we can say it was the best money we spent in a long time. Also the inside information we learned from Captain Bob on buying & finding the right trawler for what we want to use it for will save us time and money. His experience both selling trawlers and writing the ABC’s of Trawling buying book was just a huge bonus for us.

We both like to work out and the Captain runs every morning so we got our daily walk in and also worked out on the Miami Mermaid’s gym. It is nice to find out how to keep in shape while staying aboard. Oh Yea, did we tell you of what a good time we had? The worst part of or trip was saying good bye to the Captain. I’m sure he’ll be hearing from us when it becomes time to buy our dream come true trawler. Once again we’d like to thank you Captain Bob

Captain Bob,We would like to report that your trawler school has changed our lives.Before trawler school it was the same old thing every day. Get up, read the Vero Beach paper, drink coffee, walk on the beach, go out to dinner…… the same old thing, day in and day out. Now we start our day with Yacht World and Trawler Buy Sell. We’ve put our house on the market and plan to run away to sea as soon as it’s gone. We owe it all to you. Your school was great and your captainship was even better. You showed us how easy and fun being on a trawler can be.We would tell anyone who is considering buying a trawler to go to your school first. You’re a great captain, teacher and host. Not to mention quite a cook.We hope to run into you and the Mermaid sometime soon !Paul and Sandi DeloreyVero Beach, Florida

AKA Captain Backpack and Sandi Storm

Captain Bob your Trawler School was a great experience for my wife and myself to experience navigation and handling the Miami Mermaid.  Your school has helped us make our final decision on the size and style of Trawler we will pursue to purchase. Captain Bob your knowledge and hospitality is excellent.   Ron and Sandy Reef

Merritt Island, Florida

Inspired Confidence

April 30, 2005

Marcia and I have talked about owning a trawler for a while.  But like most investments and purchases, a hundred things run through your mind.  Money, up keep, space, insurance, all the things a home owner would think about plus more.  We decided to find a person that was willing to risk everything to teach a couple of knuckleheads the ins and outs.  Finding the right person was not easy.

Captain Bob owner/operator put us at ease with his good humor and easy going ways.  After a few simple questions, the Captain trusted me with his vessel and made me feel very comfortable I had full control of the helm while underway, the whole trip.  The experience was great. I learned a lot. Trawler School Charters added experience and confidence  handling and owning a trawler.

Thanks for the experience, the hospitality and the friendship.  If you are ever in my neighborhood please stop by for the hospitality.  We would be extremely upset if you didn’t.

Ken and Marcia Dodge

Redington Shores Florida

Promises Kept

Captain Bob,

Your web site promises “We keep it simple.  We will present information on the fundamentals of trawlers in a relaxed atmosphere, on board, as we cruise. This is your chance to take charge of the helm and receive practical experience.  This is a hands on clinic for trawler lovers or those simply interested in learning more about trawlers.”

This was exactly what we were looking for, since we thought we might like cruising on a trawler but had no real world experience and a thousand questions.  How comfortable was cruising? How big a boat was needed? Was a used boat realistic?  What about engine maintenance? What about piloting and navigation?  Your Trawler School Charters program sounded like it would help answer our questions.

The Miami Mermaid and the charter were everything you promised.  We had a wonderful time in a very relaxed atmosphere while learning the fundamentals of cruising on a trawler.  We learned about trawler types, surveys, contracts, engine maintenance and refurbishing a previously owned boat.  We reviewed cruising guides and books on boat and engine maintenance.  We piloted the Mermaid using the charts, chartplotter and autopilot.  We familiarized ourselves with marine electrical and sanitation systems.  We anchored out and learned that sleeping on board is NOT a problem.  In between all this, you feed us excellent lunches, elegant candlelit dinners and showed first-rate DVD movies.  We could not have asked for a better cruise.

Thank you very much for providing such a satisfying experience that was both educational and relaxing. The Trawler School Charter is a great idea and has our complete support.

John and Mary Jane Grabowski
Wausau, WI

You gave us the confidence !

Dear Captain Bob,

Thanks for being the perfect host and captain for our boating adventure!

When we planned this trip we were interested in building on our boating knowledge, but we also wanted a relaxing vacation in the Florida Keys.

You showed us a great time and were willing to tailor the training to our needs.

Three days on the Miami Mermaid

Our three days on the Miami Mermaid fit the bill perfectly! We had a chance to experience trawler living in beautiful settings, learned about anchoring out, piloting a boat, plus got lots of advice on what to look for when we take the plunge and buy our own trawler. Our few days with you gave us the confidence to know that we can captain our own boat someday.

P.S. The food was great, too!

You showed us a great time and were willing to tailor the training to our needs.

Thanks again!

P. S.The food was great too!

(We will send pictures soon)

Mike and Andi Loney
Silver Spring, MD

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