Healthy Cruising

Fit & healthy while cruising is the key to a sound body & mind. We take great pride offering this subject as part of our class. I found this out the hard way through our hands on training experiences. When I started this charter school 8 years ago, the menu was as follows: Breakfast: eggs, bagels and muffins; Lunch: big sandwich’s, potato salad, chips; Sunset appetizers consisted of smoked fish, various cheese’s and bread; the big dinner: meat, potato’s, pasta, and more bread…. cake and ice cream for dessert… I think you get the picture! My clients were falling asleep at the helm and putting on 10 pounds in just 4 days. Something was totally wrong and I needed to fix it fast!!!  I hired a nutritionist and changed the menu to a nice light breakfast, a big wonder salad for lunch and a dinner served with a choice of blackened salmon, chicken, steak or a country boneless rib served with fresh vegetables.

We now serve a very low carbohydrate menu which we review with all our clients before we begin our cruise. Now our shipmates are on top of their game and the results with our new and improved menu has been a huge success. I also put together a light fitness program that offers our client’s a chance to exercise right on board. All of our ports of call offer area’s for long walks, running and riding bikes. This is not a fitness program but you have the option to exercise if you like, this is a relaxing cruise. This program could be useful for those folks traveling on extended cruises while living on a Trawler. This option appeals to a lot of clients trying to stay fit on a boat. At the moment the Captain cannot do yoga. Yet!

I have always tried to .have and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  In high school it was track & football. While in the Marine Corps I was co captain of the football team. I was a  six time triathlon participant and still to this day work out in the gym every day when not on charter. I even started water aerobics last year. I can’t do as much as I used to do, but my core belief is doing as much as I can to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

So here’s to your health.
Captain Bob