50 Miles to Go

Captain’s log    Day 19   Saturday June 13th 2015

Found a wonderful anchorage right off Newport Inlet. Fisher Island, 9 miles long, I hid in the cove for the night.

10 hour day 80 miles. My friends were supposed to meet me in Newport, RI, but that did not happen. This is the last thing I saw before lights out.


Oh, oh, 4:30am, what is that sound? Why it is my alarm. Rise and shine, a quick cup of coffee, hoist the anchor and I’m underway at 5:00 am sharp. I’m right on the border of leaving the Long Island Sound, and back into the open ocean again. Early morning is light winds, and I must take every advantage I can to get across the 80 mile leg to bring me to the Cape Cod Canal. I have been alone for the past few days and my 1,700 mile trawler adventure is right in front of the finish line. By hook or by crook I’m going across that line even if I have swim across it.

I been getting a lot of response about my wild and crazy long hair, here is a before and after picture the last one being me with it slicked back. So there.


image4.JPGAfter 11 hours, and 80 miles, I made it to the mouth of the Cape Cod canal. I’m not going through for many reasons, here are just a few: Fatigue has set in, and I’m seeing all types of things that do not exist. It is late, and I may not find an anchorage on the other side. The tide is wrong, tomorrow I can catch the flood tide at 8:00am. And lastly, I have a wonderful anchorage for the night in Onset Bay, 5 minutes from the cross over from New Bedford to the east side of Cape Cod. I’m 50 miles from my dock in Winthrop.

image5.JPGThroughout my cruising Long Island Bay there was a ton of lighthouses along the way here are a few.





Home sweet home tomorrow. Good night Folks.

Captain Bob over and out.