Nice People, Delaware Bay, and NJ!

Captains log    Day 16 – Tuesday June 9th

Very funny story: we dinghy in to buy some wine, unfortunately it was a mile away. My clients and I decided to walk down and taxi back with the much needed supplies. We had all our wine on the counter and bought it, only to find out there were no taxi in that city, or any other within 45 miles. My clients had a heavy duty bag, so they took one handle each and off they went. I’m alone and it is a long way back, so I was going back the old fashioned way, hitchhike. Here I am, with my Captain’s hat on, oh goody, here comes a truck. I started to walk with a big limp & the truck  pulls right over. Yahoo! My new friend’s name is Jeff B, he tells me he hasn’t seen a hitchhiker in 40 years, and after seeing the Captain’s hat, and that phony limp that looks like Captain Long John Silvers with his peg leg walking backwards, he had to pick this strange character. Jeff was a great guy, he even pulled over and took the heavy wine bag from my clients to bring back to the dinghy. It was a two seat truck so my clients walked back without the wine bag. Off to the dinghy I went. Jeff helped me with all the supplies. He wouldn’t accept anything, so I went into the store and bought him a $5.00 lottery ticket, Mo Money. I explained to him if you do a good deed, then karma will repay you. He couldn’t wait to go home to see. He probably hit the million dollars. I gave my number, just in case??? It was time to say good buy to the nice guy. We parted friends. Thank You, Jeff!

image1 (10)

Check out the train bridge rising up and down, I have never seen one like this.


Ok, let’s talk business. Instead of anchoring right before the C & D canal at 5:00 we decided to go through, since the tide was at our back. We were able to run through at 10 mph instead of 6 mph against the tide. We ended up breaking our record for 105 miles and 12 hrs at the helm. We were dead by the time we anchored in Delaware Bay. As soon as we did, we got hit with a wicked rain & thunderstorm. This is where the mile wine walk paid off. It was happy hour in the salon! Paula told me she was going to sleep in the next morning till 11:00am? Sure enough to when I peeked out of my stateroom, there they were, making sure I filled the oil and they were ready to go, go, go.

image2 (8)

I pulled in and filled up now I went green and under nuclear power.

We humped across the bay for 50 grueling miles, a 7-hour trip, and found out we had to anchor & hide in Cape May, as the Atlantic Ocean was bad & ruff .  We will try tomorrow and see what the ocean looks like.

Very cool picture of the Delaware lighthouse in the background.

image3 (6)

Be on the look out for Crabby Dick’s.

image1 (5)

Lewinsky’s bar is on Clinton St.  Now read the sign.

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