After 6 years cruising on our 42’ sailboat

3-2-20. 3-6-20

After 6 years cruising on our 42’ sailboat we started to think about the inevitable transition to an easier life on a trawler, but we just were not sure if it would work for us. After 4 days with Captain Bob we found that trawling was for us to continue our adventures without working so hard & leaving more time enjoying our destinations. We had the perfect opportunity to compare the sailing life to the trawler life, it built our confidence in handling a much lager vessel, we returned to our old sailing grounds Biscayne Bay and all the wonderful anchoring spot we once visited.

Thanks Captain for all the fabulous food, for being so patient with my zillion questions and the extra time on docking lessons. This trip was the perfect way to answer the trawler/sailing question so we are listing our sailboat for sale.

Temporary land bound.
Captain Deb & Captain Tim
Salema St. Louis

We cannot tell you how much fun we had with you the past four days…

2-17-20. 2-21-20

Dear Captain Bob

We cannot tell you how much fun we had with you the past four days… your kind of character is just what we all need I have never met anybody who loves life as much as you do.

It will be impossible to forget all the good times we had together.
The highlight of trawler school was all the classes and hands on training we learned a hell of a lot. We bonded together and worked as a team we are so confident now we are ready to take the next step. A Trawler is definitely for our life style.

Thank you my new friend.
Brain & Tammy
Patchogue NY

This was an amazing experience, we learned so much

Captain Bob 
This was an amazing experience, we learned so much, all about the new navigation equipment , buying, electrial, engine class… we learned that Captain Bob loved our Santana video, game night was the best ever we will never forgot it, that what a big surprise very entertaining.
We are long time sailors and Jerry is a Captain also with lots of sea time under his belt. We own a sailboat and will be converting to a trawler, this was to make sure we are going down the right road & It is! What convinced us was Captain Bob’s great cooking.
Thank You Captain Bob for such a wonderful adventure. We will never forget it.
Linda & Captain Jerry.
Prince George VA

I’ll never forget catching a speckled trout (Sarah) with the rod you had laying around

Hi Captain 
I’ll never forget catching a speckled trout (Sarah) with the rod you had laying around. Super Bowl week the water was was filled with security they were everywhere. Perfect weather , great meals and healthy to! Great restaurants right by your trawler. Great trawler introduction for me and trawler buying for him.
Thank You for your hospitality we felt right at home very clean, lots of room, good privacy. The shearing of of your knowledge with us was priceless. It was a very informative trip.
Sarah & Jim
Davidson NC

Really we really enjoyed the trip

Captain Bob 
Really we really enjoyed the trip. We learned so much, everything was a learning experience. You took the mystery out of navigation and docking. We spent a lot more time at the helm than we ever expected, I cannot believe you let us navigate the Miami Mermaid all by ourself, your course is really hands on training. The foul weather training was not expected but it was a challenge and will be very useful in the near future. Having been brought up on sail boat’s, the bad weather was not terrifying, but rather exiting and enjoyable. Your explanation on the purchasing, surveying, and closing process were very helpful. 
I never known the extent on finding the right model trawler I’m glad we went to your school we had the wrong model picked out , using brokers or buying private negotiating contracts, insurance, financing etc etc etc was the best. Engine class was really fun and helpful.  We had a lot of fun thank you Captain Bob 
Big Daddy & Jesse
Huffman TX

Thank you for a really great trip

Captain Bob
Thank you for a really great trip. We appreciate your flexibility when I ended up spending the night in the hospital the day of the trip as you said the show must go on, thank you so much. A lot of helm time being alone made us bond working together so that was worth the trip. Excellence on hands training. The meals were outstanding and you made a great host. We appreciate all the practical knowledge you shared with us. You told me (Jody) to mention I done the NW passage on the M/V Alaska 170’ Salvage tug converted to a luxury yacht and worked on the M/V Show Me 65’ Swan. Trawler life will be a new chapter in my life. Thank you fair winds and calm seas.
Jody & Bryan 
Columbia SC 

We enjoyed a great New Years party

Dear Captain Bob Thank you for sharing your wonderful tips. Your cooking was awesome and being patient with us. We appreciate the adventure and helping us on our next step. Wishing you many more adventures. Happy New Years 2020 another decade. Did we have a good time Hell Yes. Did we learn a lot Hell Yes. I’ve boated many years, 2 years on my own trawler. I really appreciate going through all the systems. Well done.
We enjoyed a great New Years party you really went all out, was it great Hell Yes!
Greg & Kathryn 
Folsom CA 

I’m so happy to have met you. ❤️ Diane

Dear Captain Bob 
I have been wanting to take this course for some time now. I saw your ad in PassagesMaker’s magazine 15 years ago. This experience far exceeded my expectations. The way you teach is the best hands-on lessons anyone could ask for.
Captain know it all ( chart plotter) had all the answers just like you told he would. Your classes  gave  us all the confidence we needed to make some great trawler plans. I’m so happy to have met you. ❤️ Diane

What a wild trip, you are the most patient teacher. The best way to learn is to Keep it Simple! I loved learning and laughing with you, let’s not forget about you delicious candlelight dinners with Frank Sinatraquietly in the background. Night navigation was the best. Cruising home in the rain with tons of wind was great also.  It was an honor spending time with you and getting to know you. Friends for life. I’m the youngest shipmate attending your trawler school (30) years young. Love Sivan

Diane & Sivan
Wilton Manors Fl

What an experience, beyond our expectations.

What an experience, beyond our expectations. We learned a lot especially me (Teri) as I went only as a passenger and handling lines for the past 30 years. You make the learning experience so much fun and extremely entraining. You really need to write a book. Michael really liked woman overboard drill he got to give Wilma CPR he saved her life.
You gave us a lot to think about charting on our own and buying a trawler. Now that we graduated and have our certificate we can fax that to the Charter companies as proof we completed your course.
The gourmet meals were healthy and outstanding as well as your company. 
We will always remember this adventure.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
Teri & Michael 
Camel NY

Captain Bob thank you so much for all the time

Captain Bob thank you so much for all the time you spent teaching us everything about trawlers, boating and getting our own trawler one day.
You put a lot of information into just 3 days. So many of our questions were answered. You made learning so easy, simple and fun. Your slogan “Keep it simple” worked great for us.

Your trawler training school is very beneficial and contains lots of insider information about so many aspects of buying the right trawler.
Good luck with your continued success at what you do so well. Great food, awesome scenery, amazing experience.

Jim & Jo
Gaston SC