Capt. Bob Hamilton is a former trawler broker and US Marine, originally from Boston, MA.

He began his trawler school in order to help people learn about trawlers in an unbiased, hands-on environment.

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  1. Steve

    Ahead of the curve.
    In the cruising world of too much information, seemingly complicated systems, yachty snobbery, brokers, and polished deck shoes, Capt Bob has set a course for realism and individuality. Just like the “4 hour work week,” he’s managed to hack the coastal cruising world and get you going from zero, to boat buying, to casting off with confidence in less time than you spend surfing the subject. All tossed together light heartedly and wicked fun.
    We wanted to go trawler cruising. I took the course. I now have a trawler, getting it prepped, and shoving off this spring. Without Bob, it would have taken me twice the time and money with a fraction of the knowledge. If you’re going cruising on a power boat, want a taste of the cruising lifestyle, and the necessary information in an underwhelming format, see captain Bob.

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