GREAT experience!! Loved the stories. As a salesperson

12-6-20              12-11-20

Thank you Captain Bob for a great experience, all the training & information. I personally did not know what to expect or if I would even like it (wife) You helped me to understand the ins/outs of trawler living & gave us a lot to think over & discuss.

GREAT experience!!  Loved the stories. As a salesperson, I will steal some of your lines. We are a part of the COVID clan.  We waited 18 months from the time we originally booked, till we could come aboard.  It was worth the wait.

Thank you so again for the learning, experience & of course the fish jokes. What can I say. I am in sales.

Helped tremendously! 
Carry on Captain Bob.

Mike & Teresha 
Wolocttville, IN