After 6 years cruising on our 42’ sailboat

3-2-20. 3-6-20

After 6 years cruising on our 42’ sailboat we started to think about the inevitable transition to an easier life on a trawler, but we just were not sure if it would work for us. After 4 days with Captain Bob we found that trawling was for us to continue our adventures without working so hard & leaving more time enjoying our destinations. We had the perfect opportunity to compare the sailing life to the trawler life, it built our confidence in handling a much lager vessel, we returned to our old sailing grounds Biscayne Bay and all the wonderful anchoring spot we once visited.

Thanks Captain for all the fabulous food, for being so patient with my zillion questions and the extra time on docking lessons. This trip was the perfect way to answer the trawler/sailing question so we are listing our sailboat for sale.

Temporary land bound.
Captain Deb & Captain Tim
Salema St. Louis