We enjoyed our time on the Miami Mermaid.

1-25-2021. 1-29-2021

Captain Bob
We enjoyed our time on the Miami Mermaid. This was our first experience staying onboard it gave us a feeling what a live aboard would be like. You provided us with so much valuable information, this will help us make decisions on how to move forward on our trawler buying progress.
Some of our favorite parts of your class where your in-depth knowledge of the trawler buying market, important things to look for in a survey, what is a dealbreaker and not a dealbreaker. We also appreciated the different models that will work best for us.

Paula especially enjoyed learning from “Captain know it all “ the (chart plotter) even though she struggled at times to figure out where the boat was this part was definitely not her strength. But you taught her well now she knows how to get wherever she wants to navigate to. Paula is now the Master navigator.

My favorite location was No Name Harbour in Key Biscayne, the water was gorgeous and the Cuban restaurant was just perfect.

Last of all we appreciate your accommodating all the delicious meals you made for us. You spoiled us having a coffee already when we got up to start a wonderful day. Your salads were to die for. We can’t even begin to imagine taking the big step forward buying our trawler without taking your trawler training course. It was worth every penny of it.

Thank you so much Capt Bob
David & Paula
Garner NC