Wesley and I had a great time aboard the Miami Mermaid

05-18-2020      05-22-2020

Wesley and I had a great time aboard the Miami Mermaid. You are a great cook and the food was fabulous. We are so confident now we will be able to go cruising on our own with no problem and we had no experience on the water with a big boat. We now know what type model trawler to look for when the time comes. Thank you for teaching all your different classes you covered everything there is to know about anchoring, docking, navigation, engine class, electronics, electrial and buying the right trawler…
We are very happy to have graduated and we are now Trawler Scholars  and have our own certificate to fax to a charter company when we are ready to charter a trawler, and that will be real soon thanks to your trawler school. Where going to miss you and take care. Oh yeah the 5 anchorage were breathtaking.
“Keep it simple”
Wesley & Melody
Valdosta GA