SOS! Phone Overboard – Water Proofing Your Cell Phone & IPad

SOS, oh no phone overboard! Sound familiar? Owning a cell phone or iPad around water could become very expensive, and a major impact to your bank account. Learn from many other victims’ mistakes. I will give you a few ideas how to combat against rain, phone over board, dust & shock proofing; water proofing your cell phone is possible!

Being a full time Captain, I have personally lost many phones and even a iPad. I should have had bought stock in Apple- I’d’ be rich. Phones in the past have always been known to be penetrated by water. Nowadays iPads are small, slim, and often used as chart plotters on board & weather forecast so they too fall in the same category.

Side to side comparison
Side to side comparison

In the past I bought the so called “water resistant cases” and found that all they were water resistant, not water proof. When my phone went overboard in 10′, I dove in and retrieved the phone right away, but it was too late and lost to water penetration. Another cell phone sleeps with the fish.

Hello Lifeproof! This company offers you all the protection you”ll ever need for both your iPad & cell phone. Their cases are water proof, not water resistant. The cell phone case costs around $60.00, and all their cases have a 1 year guarantee! The iPad case costs about $110.00. Want proof? Put your new empty case in a bucket of water for 5 minutes and the inside will be dry when you pull it out. Just install your phone, and your good to go. One problem Lifeproof has not solved is that because the case is totally sealed you will lose some volume, and it will be harder to hear the incoming ring, but it’s well worth the trade off. Your case is more than waterproof, it also is snow proof, dirt proof & shock proof.

Lifeproof cases.
Lifeproof cases.

Stop! There’s more. To make your devices 100% full proof they just came out with a life jacket for both your cell and iPad. That’s right, no more diving in the water. Drop it in and it will float, it’s bright orange and easy to find, and really,really shock proof. It just about bounces back in your hand. I now use my devices in the water, pool, and hot tub!

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