Fly Me to the Moon: Horse Flies!

Day 5 Friday 5–22
Bad Northeast winds 15 to 20 kts in the ocean, rough and not good. We decided to cruise the inside of the Intracoastal thru Georgia. It was exciting, and what a view- twisting and turning. You must be on your toes at all times, one mistake and you’re in no-mans land. 100 miles of swamp and marshes.

Just as we were getting tired, out of nowhere came the horse flies (HELP!). First there was a few, I was beating them off with a shoe. Then an army of them came. I got better at killing them, then another million of them surrounded us. We were on the fly bridge, back to back, armed with one shoe each, and the battle went on for hours. By the end of the day there were so many dead flys on the deck we needed to sweep them off the boat. We are now certified serial fly killers, the word out is don’t mess with the crew of the Miami Mermaid!

10 hours and 105 miles we are 50 miles from Hilton Head SC. My friend who came along to assist has been a great help and I learned a lot from him. Thank you, Captain Fred from Key Largo, I put him thru Captain’s school 15 years ago and he was my back up Captain on my charter school. All my clients loved him, he is a great teacher and friend. We have a huge party to attend in Hilton Head tonight. We will be pulling in there about 3:00 pm, we’ll stay a couple days to laundry, clean the boat, get supplies, change all the oil in the engine and generator- this is very important. And of course, relax. More info on the Hilton Head big party tomorrow.

Hit rough waters on the way, went through it in 1 hour.


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