Hi folks. Let me take a minute to introduce myself and tell you about an OOPS.

I am Captain Robert L. Hamilton ‘Captain Bob,’ Owner of Trawler School Charters. I founded Trawler School Charters, an original concept, 12 years ago. I opened Trawler school charters with the love of teaching couples interested in experiencing living aboard, navigating, contract negotiations and finding the right model and size trawler yacht. I am also the author of The A-B-C’s of Trawlers, a popular informational and user buyer’s guide for those who own or are thinking of buying a trawler. I am a lifelong recreational boater and charter captain who was born and raised in a New England seaside community. Boating is in the blood! In Florida, my career was as a yacht salesman specializing in trawlers. I am also a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. I am 62 years young, a 6 time triathlete who works out everyday, maintaining and enjoying good health, keeping a positive attitude and am always on the ball.

Then one day I thought: ‘why not have some fun and share all of this knowledge with couples looking to learn more about trawler yachts’? So, I created Trawler School Charters. Trawler School Charters is a private yacht based training school which teaches information on the operation, handling, maintenance and seamanship skills necessary for the operation of trawler style yachts. This hands-on course is fun filled and takes us through the colorful and romantic waters of greater Miami, Biscayne Bay and the upper Florida Keys. Instructional courses are for 3 days 4 nights and limited to one couple per cruise.

OOPS: In 2011, I received my first and only customer complaint, notwithstanding 100s of positive reviews from satisfied clients, happy, and pleased with their cruise and the course. To read this pile of positive reviews and testimonials click on “client reviews” the Trawler School Charters website. The Miami Mermaid is in shipshape condition, see for yourself, click on “trawler info, specs & pictures.”

It’s the age of the “Cyber Bully” and anyone can post whatever they want on the internet without repercussion or accountability. Trawler School Charters received a scathing review on 2 separate websites created by one discontented client from just one incomplete cruise. The reviews linger on the web and in no way truly and accurately reflect how Trawler School Charters conducts its business. Remember, the other side of the coin exists whether we turn that coin over or not. Since its inception 12 years ago,Trawler School Charters has never received a Better Business Bureau complaint or any complaints to any consumer, state or federal regulatory agency-quite an impressive record!

Now it just so happens that I come from a vanishing school of thought that says “The customer is king” and “The customer is always right”. One complaint in 12 years of business operation is still one too many! At the time of the complaint in 2011, I personally squarely addressed the source of the complaint (it centered on a substitute captain-a seasoned commercial skipper of Gulf Coast oil rig supply vessels). A refund was given and every reasonable adjustment and accommodation was made in an effort to satisfy the complaining client. Although the substitute Captain maintained he was proper in his conduct of the course and cruise, unfortunately I had to let him go, right or wrong.

I’ve worked hard to build this business. Trawler School Charters values each and every customer and works even harder to make sure that you are satisfied in every regard. Again, please read the mountain of positive reviews under the ‘client review’ section of the website.

Become a ‘Trawler Scholar’. Come join us for a cruise and see for yourself. Give me a call at 954-649-9611.

Fair seas and calm winds,

Captain Bob