Parris Island Flashbacks & Singlehanding

Day 9.       Tuesday      5–26

Hilton Head was Captain Fred’s place to hop off and head back to FL. Now I’m on my own for the next 4 days until I pick up my new clients Paula & Carey on Friday night in Wrightsville Beach NC. I never did long range cruising alone before. I will take the advice and experience of Captain Fred’s 45 years of experience on both power and sail, and along with my trawler school training, I should be just fine.

One problem: I became sick with the flu, fever, whatever, last night and felt a little groggy. I never get sick and this is the worst time ever. I must be fully alert at the helm. I’m by myself, must concentrate.

Left at 9:30 anchored at 6:00 went by a place I’ll never forget, Parris Island, SC. Yes Sir, the Marines were out marching and I could hear the Mr. Drill Instructor yelling, “Hamilton, you knuckelhead, we didn’t promise you a rose garden!” I just increased my speed wide open until I was safe.

Went 7 hours, 65 miles no problem. I’m receiving a lot of navigating information with no one to turn to but myself. I’m anchored between Charleston SC and Beaufort SC.
I’m taking medicine and going right to sleep for about 12 hours see if I can shake this cold. Good Night!

Sea U
Captain Bob

One person on the beach with there dog pretty cool.

Parris Island USMC ARRORRA
Captain Robert Hamilton


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