Parris Island Flashbacks & Singlehanding

Day 9.       Tuesday      5–26 Hilton Head was Captain Fred’s place to hop off and head back to FL. Now I’m on my own for the next 4 days until I pick up my new clients Paula & Carey on Friday night in Wrightsville Beach NC. I never did long range cruising […]

Waxford Marina, Hilton Head, SC

Day 6             Saturday    5–23 Short day 7 hours 65 miles hit Hilton Head around 3:00. Captain Fred got us into exclusive Waxford Marina. You had to go thru its private lock that holds one boat at a time for $5.00. My dock was surrounded by an 18 hole golf course. […]

Fly Me to the Moon: Horse Flies!

Day 5 Friday 5–22 Bad Northeast winds 15 to 20 kts in the ocean, rough and not good. We decided to cruise the inside of the Intracoastal thru Georgia. It was exciting, and what a view- twisting and turning. You must be on your toes at all times, one mistake and you’re in no-mans land. […]

Big Decisions

Leaving Cocoa Beach 7:00 am covering a whopping 115 mile range in 11 hours was fantastic. Going North from this point on, we left the big cities behind us and the Intracoastal was just beautiful, totally scenic, and it made our cruising very relaxing. We anchored in Fernandina Beach on the border of Florida & […]

Rockets over the Miami Mermaid

Captains Log Day 3        Wednesday May 20th 3, 2, 1 Blast off! A rocket was fired at 10:30 from Cocoa, Satellite Beach right over the Miami Mermaid. Now THAT was cool. We only got 65 miles in, had to anchor in Daytona. Bad thunderstorms and black skies above, hopefully tomorrow we can make it […]

Currents, Tides, & Sand Bars

Captain’s Log      Day 2.      May 19th 2015 Ahoy Matey’s, another 10 hour day. We covered 90 miles on the Intracostal, dealing with currents, tides & sand bars. I sure don’t want to run aground. Great sights and learning a lot about long range cruising. Anchored at Cocoa Beach, (I Dream Of […]

And We’re Off to Boston from Fort Lauderdale, FL!

Captain’s Log     Day one   Monday May 18th 2015 Left the dock 7:00am. Cruised up the Intracoastal 85 miles, it took 10 hours. We made our mark up to Stuart, Fl. No problems yet!I have on board my clients Jerry & Fred. They will end up in Wilmington, NC, and my new set of clients […]