We Almost Lost Captain Bob!

Day 11 Friday May 29th When I wake up I always jump into the water and float on my noodle. About 50 yards in the swamp I heard a big splash.  It was an alligator! It jumped in and came my way underwater. I had no idea how fast they are. Well, the noodle flew […]

Crossing from SC to NC

I woke up very, very groggy from the medicine I took the night before. Just a bad start, left anchor at 11:00. I was feeling better, but lost a half day. Everything was fine till about 2:00. I had to pull over and anchor took a 2 hour power nap. Heave ho, I was off […]

Finally in North Carolina!

Captain’s log.      Day 12 Tuesday June 2nd The damper plate $150.00 arrived over night, and at 9:30am the crew to install it (5) guys had it in in an hour. The cost for 4 nights and labor was… are you ready for this $305.00. Unbelievable- what a gift. I gave the boys a very good, and I […]