Trawler Accommodations and Layouts

I have written many blogs concerning Trawlers and I would like to take this time to address interiors.  It’s nice to have adequate space while cruising and living aboard. Most accommodations consist of a salon, one, two, or even a three stateroom layout, one or two heads, not excluding the engine room. Salons: Salons are one of the most desirable […]

Trawler Size

Before you choose a trawler size , you must have a clear agenda on what model trawler Trunk, Sundeck, Sedan or Pilothouse and how you intend to use your vessel, as well as what is comfortable for your needs. 30′ — 35′: This length trawler is a fun day cruiser, fine for inland and light offshore use. Accommodations […]

Passagemaker the Ocean Crosser

There are four types of trawlers, Trunk, Sedan, Sundeck, Pilothouse. Then there is the Passagemaker it is a heavy duty, well built, long range ocean crossing trawler. Passagemakers are clearly defined as being able to ”make the passage”. This trawler is completely set up for Trans-ocean crossings. a full displacement hull most likely starting at 50′ and up […]

Pilothouse Trawler

There are four types of trawlers: Trunk, Sundeck, Sedan and the Pilothouse. The pilothouse style has a hansom design and go anywhere sea- salty look. Thee Pilothouse has long been popular with northern boaters and favored by experienced yachtsman for it’s “Pilothouse” and weather protected helm. In recent years we have seen their popularity grow in warmer […]