Advantages of Owning a Trawler

  • Salon3Naturally aspirated diesel engines produce anywhere between 10,000-20,000 hours of use.
    • There is no strain on the engine and it requires low maintenance and repair.
    • If well maintained, these engines literally run forever.
    • Turbo charged engines are found on faster trawlers.
  • Protected props and running gear are a big concern of boat owners.
    • Trawlers mostly come with large long keels, which give you some forgiveness in the event of grounding.
    • If you ever run aground or over a line you probably won’t harm your running gear, props, shafts, transmission, cutlass bearings, struts or bottom.
    • Extra large rudders for easier handling and control.
    • All trawlers have a displacement or semi-displacement hull.
  • Larger fuel and water capacity.
  • Higher resale value, due to a tight trawler market.
    • Unlike other types of boats – express cruisers, sport fish, motor yachts, and sailboats- for which there are thousands of each group for sale everywhere you look. The trawler market is limited. The demand exceeds the supply.
    • The detailed resale market analysis will be covered further in this manual. This will illustrate the used trawler market.