Series or Parallel Battery Banks on a Trawler

My battery house bank on the Miami Mermaid consists of eight 6 volt Trojan T 105 deep-cell golf cart batteries, each with 225 amp hours. They are small and light and carry large amp hours. They cost about $120.00 each, and I feel like I’m receiving the best bang for my buck. They are hooked up in a combination of Series and Parallel. This would give me four 12 volt battery’s each with 550 amp hours for a total of 1,800 amp hours. That my friend is a lot of house amp hours. I have two high voltage auto battery’s just for my single engine and one high voltage auto battery’s just for my generator.

Battery Banks on a Trawler: You can connect two batteries or more to either increase voltage or amperage or both. If your looking for more power you don’t need big heavy battery’s such as the (8d) battery. You can take lightweight batteries, Golf Cart batteries, to conform your own high output battery bank just for your boat’s needs.







(Series) connecting battery’s in series will increase the voltage and not your amperage, known as Amp Hours (see above).








(Parallel) connecting battery’s in parallel will increase your Amp hours and the voltage will remain the same.






Series and Parallel combined together (see above) you can double both your voltage and amp hours.

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