Big Decisions

Leaving Cocoa Beach 7:00 am covering a whopping 115 mile range in 11 hours was fantastic. Going North from this point on, we left the big cities behind us and the Intracoastal was just beautiful, totally scenic, and it made our cruising very relaxing.
We anchored in Fernandina Beach on the border of Florida & Georgia at sundown. I read in one of my books that the Palace Saloon is the oldest bar in Florida (1918). We had to have a drink in there. The bar was old and very cool, wise decision. Tons of history there, the little town was like you went back in time, old train depot, busy seaport for cargo, two huge paper mill factories, lot of employment, commercial fishing fleets. The first settlers built strategic, profitable ports along the protected inland waterway.
Big decision: going out in the ocean for the 100 mile trip across Georgia tomorrow, or the Intracoastal Waterway. That route is like a snake, lots of twist and turns, and sand bars, heavy currents. It would be nice to bypass it, but only the weather will be the judge of that.
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Sea U
captain Bob

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