Camp LeJeune Highlight

Captain’s log      Day 12 June 3rd

Woke up at 3:30am, looked on my IPad at my Radar Scope app and the screen was full of green, yellow & red. That, my friends, that is not good. Tons of rain and nowhere to hide. Tropical storms in the region for the rest of that day.

It was raining so hard we had to wait for it to let up a little. 9:30 am we hoisted the anchor and made a run for it. I do have protection on the fly bridge so we were just fine. The highlight of the day is when we went by Camp LeJeune that is when the shit hit the fan, USMC helicopter’s (4) were right over our boat and had Jeeps hanging from them. They landed in the bushes,  left the jeeps, and away they went very cool. The biggest surprise was all the tanks and other heavy equipment that were laying right on the banks of the Intracoastal Waterway, all blown & shot up. They sent out military boats, shut down the waterway for 3 hours, and fired across the waterway at the tanks … there are all types of signs reading, “Keep off: live bombs on shore.” The way I see it, you won’t get arrested you’ll get a Big Bang and off to hell you go. All I can say is, wow.

With the late start we cruised 60 miles in 7 hours. When I went to sleep that night around 11:00, I heard all these helicopters over the Miami Mermaid and they were on night maneuvers. The point of the story is when we are sleeping at night we’re under the protection of our military armed forces, God Bless them all.

Sea U

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