Finally in North Carolina!

Captain’s log.      Day 12 Tuesday June 2nd

The damper plate $150.00 arrived over night, and at 9:30am the crew to install it (5) guys had it in in an hour. The cost for 4 nights and labor was… are you ready for this $305.00. Unbelievable- what a gift. I gave the boys a very good, and I mean good, cash tip but that was not it, they got Wilma’s twin sister. They are going shopping and buying her an outfit and posting her onto the haulout lift, they were a bunch of honest good guys.

My clients returned at 11:00 and we were off the dock at 12:00. They are at the helm. Now it is 2:10 and we finally crossed into NC. Thank God, I thought I was never getting out of SC.
I’m trying to get 60 miles 7 hours to Southport it is a sleepy town 20 miles from Wilmington NC.

I cruised 600 miles and have 1,100 more to go. Feels really good being on the water again.

Sea U
Captain Bob

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