Introduction to Trawler Buying

Cruising-TrawlerWelcome to the introduction of trawler buying, if your among the boaters that value comfort, roominess, stability, and seaworthiness coupled with reliability and economy of operation, then this article is for you. On the other hand, if your idea of pleasure boating is racing up and down the intercoastal in a sleek, super charged “go fast” cigarette type boat, consuming 60 gallons of fuel per hour, then this article will be down right dull. Among the finer things in life, trawlers are like fine wine, they take time. Trawlers move with leisure to get where they are going, unhurried.

Most buyers, thus far, have been owners or previous owners of another type of vessel; either sailboats that take too much physical work, or motor yachts that consume too much fuel and have short cruising ranges. Some are retirees who want the ability to cruise long distances or who are selling  their house for an ocean-going live-aboard vessel. Some are seasoned yachtsman who appreciate the comfort, stability, seaworthiness and fuel economy of trawlers. Normally, they have a general knowledge of what they are looking for. However, being new to the trawler market, once they start learning more about these vessels, their ideas and plans begin to change.

Some important things you should consider should be the size, model, layout, a single or twin engine, new or used, how much money you want to invest, and what you intend to use your trawler for; short range cruising, long range cruising, live aboard, charting or owning….  It has been my experience that  you may want to attend a three or four day trawler school which offers hands on training while living on board, gaining the true knowledge and feel for the trawler life. This experience will assist you to make a educated decision. Hoped you enjoyed my blog Captain Bob