Trawler Size

trawler sizeBefore you choose a trawler size , you must have a clear agenda on what model trawler Trunk, Sundeck, Sedan or Pilothouse and how you intend to use your vessel, as well as what is comfortable for your needs.

30′ — 35′: This length trawler is a fun day cruiser, fine for inland and light offshore use. Accommodations are comfortable enough for two people on overnight and weekend boat cruising, in terms of size, it’s an comparable to a pup tent. I personally have met trawler owners that have completed the big circle and Caribbean cruising weather permitting.

36′ — 40′: Easy enough for one to two people to handle with a minimum amount of experience; this size has enough beam for stability to under-take light and medium offshore cruising. This size vessel also has sufficient range for traveling. Equipped with adequate guest accommodation and cruising equipment extended cruising is possible. It is large enough to live aboard comfortably, think of it as the size of a condo.

40′ — 44′ A nice size trawler, the beam gives this length boat adequate stability and offshore seaworthiness. Two people with intermediate boating experience can still handle this trawler. This is the most popular size trawler on the market for both comfort and sea handling ability. It is like living in a single family home.

45′ & Larger: These are your serious long – range cruisers. This length should provide enough weight, beam and fuel capacity along with plenty of room for the serious cruiser. Accommodations can be luxurious and navigational equipment sophisticated. A mansion sized vessel suitable for the more experienced cruiser.

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