From Zero Experience to Microburst in one Weekend

6-23-18 to  6-26-18

Thanks Captain Bob for teaching us everything about trawlers. We never been on a boat before! With the help of your book and advice we brought a 39’ Mainship Sedan trawler.

Now after your training course we feel 100% confidence of pursuing our dreams cruising the Bahamas and the Caribbean at the end of this year.

We made it through the Micoburst storm where the winds went from 5mph up to 40mph in poring rain the storm came out of nowhere and lasted 15 minuets. The boats in Hurricane Harbor, a well protected anchorage, were all sliding off there anchors and running into each other with one capsized boat. We made it with your leadership and knowledge by picking up anchor and going straight into the storm on our own, avoiding all the other boats. We were  unharmed and heading straight into the sunshine, boy what an experience of a lifetime. In 13 years the Captain had been through 3 Mircoburst storms. They can reach up to 60mph, they come out of nowhere, and can last anywhere from 1 minute to 20.

We made it!
Thank You
Paul and Lee
Miami Fl transplant from Kansas