One Step Closer to the Great Loop

5-28-2018          6-1-2018

Captain Bob aka “Cabin Boy Bob”—

Knowing absolutely nothing about boating, you have given us the confidence to know that trawlering is something we can do, and enjoy! We know we can’t take on the Great Loop yet, but your school was our first step and our next step is to charter a trawler on our own. We will prepare ourselves with all the knowledge and experience we learned in your classes. With Captain Bob”s wise advice we now have a solid plan to move forward. Captain Bob we appreciate all the time and patience and trust you’ve given us.

My time onboard the Miami Mermaid has been fun, relaxing, exciting and adventurous and very enjoyable.

Thank you Linda

It has been the best learning experience understanding trawlers. I knew a little about boating, but less about operating a trawler. After your intensive classes I know a lot more about these cool boats. Thank you for you patience and your excellent cooking! Best wishes for you and your future students.

Take care and God Bless.
Linda & Don
Bartlett TN