Out of this World

Oct 4th — Oct 8th
Space Trawlers Roswell Area 51

Captain Bob,

You are both fun and entertaining guy to be around, not to mention the terrific learning experience. Being from Roswell I first learned to fly space ships, it was not as much fun as learning about trawlers it was out of this world.

You are a great host, great cook (good healthy meals) and a great teacher. You have helped Sandi and me formulate some ideas as to where we are headed in the “cruising” lifestyle and whether we want to own or charter.

Your thoughts, perspectives, and opinions are very helpful. The Miami Mermaid was very clean, well maintained & comfortable. Thank you for what you do.

If you ever want to reach us, our address is “3rd rock from the sun.”

It was an intergalactic experience.

Bill & Sandi D
Roswell NM