Selling the House & Living Aboard

Captain Bob.              5-7-18.            5-11-18

The laughs, the entertainment, the learning!! So much learning…

Captain Bob was the ultimate host providing incredible comfortable accommodations on board the Miami Mermaid, beautiful scenery and Anchorages with once in a lifetime views. He’s one Hell of a chef too. We never enjoyed so much well prepared cuisine. Yummy.

Captain Bob is the most amazing teacher he prepared us for navigating and maneuvering after a few minutes we were on our own. We cruised from Hollywood to Key Biscayne (Miami) all by ourselves. We had no experience but we do now. My husband David and I feel so much more comfortable taking our new trawler out for the first time— it is located in Jacksonville. We’re so excited! We’re selling the house and living aboard.

Captain Bob has a wealth of trawler knowledge and shark jokes, he can help teach ANYONE all about trawlers.

We would highly recommend him to anyone & everyone looking to broaden their trawler horizons.

You are the best Captain Bob, thanks for a great time.

Your woman overboard drill was very educating and exciting. Poor Wilma but we saved her for your next shipmates to save.

Andrea & David
Wilkes Barre, Penn