The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

9-4-19. 9-7-19

Well,Well,Well, Captain Bob

How do we sum up 4 days 3 nights onboard the Miami Mermaid attending Trawler school?
Answer “AWESOME”

Completely unexpected- totally informative. We own a 35’ fast boat and getting ready to retire & cruise the great loop. So many questions, we feel great attending Captain Bob’s Trawler school. Anchoring in all those beautiful places, learning all the ropes, who could ask for more?

Captain Bob teaches you the good, bad & ugly. He lays all the ground work for us to make wise decisions and move along with our plans cruising the great loop with full confidence. We learned the best timing for trawler school is 3 – 5 years before retirement. Do not wait for the last minute.

Thanks for a great eye opening experience, we can now follow our dreams!

Thanks again Captain Bob.
Gary & Monique
Pompano Beach Fl