Unexpected Experiences You Just Can’t Plan For

12-26-2017.       12-30-2017

What a pleasure the last 3 days were & thank you Captain Bob. After flying in from Afghanistan to meet my wife Loretta, who flew in from South Dakota to meet me (it’s been 6 months since we been together), and this turned out to be just the adventure we hoped for and more. I have done a lot of reading about trawlers and everything you taught us either reinforced what I read, changed my mind on some other things, it gave me additional information I had not read.

Because Captains Bob’s philosophy is “keep it simple”, most of the things I read was a waste of time, hands on training is the only way to go. The class on thinking about  buying the right trawler gave us the insight of what trawler buying is all about.

We had such unexpected experiences you just can’t plan for, and it added so much more to our Trawler spectrum. What a shock it was to look back and see we lost our dingy in tow. Captain Bob got on the VHF and broadcasted an all out bulletin to be on the look out and a minute later a fisherman calls back and we retrieved The Dingy Ling about 2 miles back. Knowing The Captain, he may have slipped that into the class. He puts a fishing line out during one of his classes— the rod went wild— oh my god we hooked up to a 1,000 lb Manatee on 10 lb  test fishing line! Wait a minute, the captain ‍️ said, they do not eat fish bait but grass only? They eat about 2,000 lb of grass a day fortunately it just wrapped around it’s tail and came off quickly but the manatee started to eat the grass on the side of the Mermaids boat for a half hour. Captain called his diver that cleans his bottom and told him he has been replaced. HA Ha.

I arrived the first night and was having my Glenfiddich 12 year old scotch and a cigar, and out on the back deck is a blow up doll named Wilma— that was a little creepy for me.

We were up at the helm 2 days later, and all of the sudden the captain was yelling “woman over board!” we went immediately into our woman over board drill and saved Wilma. Now for the rest of the story! It was very creepy because.. ready for this, my mother’s name was WILMA! Enough said about that.

Our grandson, 11, flew in and the Captain let us bring him aboard for an hour to drive the big mighty Miami Mermaid we took pictures. He was a little creeped out taking a picture with Grand Ma Wilma. We are leaving right now heading to Jamaica. Be back in Afghanistan in 11 days for another 6 month tour. Can’t wait till we retire in 3 years sell the farm and live aboard a trawler. Life does not get any better than that.

Trawler School is a must on your bucket list.
Had a great time God bless America
Happy New Years
Your new friends
Dennis & Loretta
Somewhere in South Dakota 6 degrees below Zero or in an undisclosed place in Afghanistan???
Hello Jamaica