We Salute You

06-17-17 –  06-21-17

Thanks so much for such a great time! We really appreciated you sharing all your knowledge, on-the-job-training and years of experience training people. You made learning fun and simple.

We’ll never forget the 4 rules of the road, (RRR), and check with Captain Know-it-all among many other important lessons, you made boating seem simple & less threatening.

We appreciate the in depth engine and electrical classes.

Your other hat, Chef Bob we salute your culinary skills, the salads and very healthy meals were marvelous.

Thanks for all the lovely anchorages, the Marina Stadium, lnlets, Bays and Lagoons.
All within cruising range of 3 days 4 nights.

We certainly enjoyed the entertainment and look forward to maybe running into you when we cruise South Florida. What a wonderful cruising ground!

Your lesson on how to find the right trawler, negotiations , contracts, surveyors, documentation and closing, insurance & marine financing, chartering has put us on the right track for our future trawler.

Bill & Geni
Annapolis MD