Woman Over Board!!

Captain Bob,

Thank you for making our trawler life straightforward & understandable. We have a 22′ Sea Ray and looking to go into a trawler in about 5 years. We are glad to have attended your school, we enjoyed each and every lesson. Now  we have a solid plan for our trawler future.

The trip was fascinating, the sights were beautiful & the Miami Mermaid was clean, comfortable and updated. We enjoyed every moment spent aboard her and swimming around her was relaxing. Captain Bob had a full size blow up doll, her name was Wilma. We thought that was kind of strange. We were driving from the fly bridge and all of the sudden we hear The Captain yelling “woman over board!” and found ourselves in the middle of a woman overboard drill.

I drove and Dan fished Wilma out of the water and gave her CPR. This was the first time the Captain used Wilma and he videoes the event. It is so, so funny, it is going on his site and You Tube.

This has been a very valuable trip, Thank You!

Dan & Julie
Cumming GA